Friday, January 9, 2015

Instagram #4

Reading Vogue, messy hair, big shirts and coffee on a Sunday is kind of the best way to wake up. I've been dying to print out some of my instax, so I've decided that I needed to print the best moment of 2014 including New York and dancing in a dress, in the sun. Since 2014 ended, on my social account I've shared some my highlight moments of 2014 and gave some explanations about their importance : the two following are. Then on Wednesday for NYE I headed to Le Bon Marché and stumbled upon Alexander Wang - so many fishes in the sea indeed. Remembering New York and this highlight moment - the High Line was my peace spot and one of the best view above Meatpacking district. 2014 was also important since I've tried to take this adventure a level higher, and that's definitely one of my favorite outfit of the year, besides the fact that I love discovering gem spots in the city to find out the perfect place to shoot. Found the perfect nude lipstick that turned out to be really useful for NYE. One of my last outfit I posted on the blog (FIY I'm super sick and I don't find the strength to get out of my bed except for some tea). L'Officiel is such a good glossy magazines, I'm not tired of reading some lost and old numero while drinking a fresh latte. Le Bon Marché is such a magical place. Kicking off 2015 while drinking some green juice and catching up on the blog. 

What about your week?

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