Friday, January 9, 2015


I still don't know how to handle what's happened. Freedom of speech is essential to democracy and I feel like we've been depraved of it since Wednesday morning. France is a country where you can speak freely without fearing the consequences. A pencil is not a gun.
It's like we've lost something - something important. These people were heroes. Sure, some people don't have a sense of humor and awkwardly, they thought they did that on purpose like an attack to their religion.
No one should be in danger for doing their job. No one should be afraid of what the consequences would be if they crack a joke. As Conan O'Brian said yesterday, in the Free world, the freedom of speech is a right and it shouldn't be any other way.
From now on, we should fight the short minded and fanatic people that believe that in the name of religion you can kill.
I've been mourning for my country. It's happened before in 2012 when a religious school was attacked.

I've been angry at the world and completely overwhelmed by the fact that should've not happened. Freedom of speech is worth fight for as any other liberty and if you feel like, speak freely.
I don't feel like posting any other futile thing today. My heart is with their closed one.

#JesuisCharlie #ImCharlie

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