Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Like a Yogi

Don't have the tendency to wander on Net-a-porter when I'm searching for a sport attire, but the Sport dedicated section on this luxury destination is absolutely amazing. Actually, it's called Net-a-sporter (which is super uber cool), and I'm pretty sure that if you want to go for a run or, as I do, take a break and switch for a yoga session, this will be very helpful. 

Before the era of Calvin Klein Performance collection, if you were paying a minimum attention to your outfit when you were working out, you didn't know where to look. Now, there's a totale new category that's been created not so long ago, 'Sport Luxe', and that's something that gives you the urge to throw on a pair of Nike, and work out for the first time, with the envy to do so. Luxury sportwear is becoming, as unreal it is, a lucrative submarket where you feel the envy to get your hands on a dedicated workout outfit, and sometimes wardrobe. 
Working out is a thing, but going for a run - or going for an hour of exercice - will be much more appreciated when you wear the right outfit on. Since, it's the sales, my workout wardrobe is having a dedicated shopping session. 

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