Friday, October 31, 2014

Wear It

Outfit of the day: Vintage shirt, Zara Skirt, New Balance Sneakers

Nothing beats a white buttoned down shirt paired with a zipped leather skirt. Especially when it's one from the men's wardrobe. I don't know, but oversized are always something I look for when buying something.
And I found out that hight knee socks paired with that outfit made it greater, but next time!
I can't believe October 31st is finally here - which means Halloween. So, we don't have the habit to throw a party and dressed up as they do other side of the sea, but this holiday is clearly one I love. I love Starbucks PSL, yet there's no one who doesn't love it!
Furthermore, October means that in a month, it's the end of the year. New beginnings also. Each year is a circle, but hopefully it's a good one.

Okay, I almost forgot: sneakers are the essential part of my outfit. Sneakers are not my thing, I don't use to wear a lot of sneakers, but now I'm developing a love/hate relationship.
I always wondered how to choose the perfect sneakers, the one that will slim your ankle, that will feels good and not too much. I bought this 501 New Balance in Navy, and I'm so glad I did. They kind of dressed down everything I'd wore that would be dressed up too much.
I started my collection with classics, and played it safe.
I just keep in mind that fashion is something you have fun with. It’s the point of fashion, and yea, I might say it a lot, but that’s what I believe in. Optismistic, I’m trying to be!

     Navy is such a classic color. And it goes with everything! Yea for NB!

     This Aldo necklace is something I love, it adds a twist to a simple oversized shirt.

Zara Leather mini Skirt (similar here + here)
Vintage white oversized shirt (similar here + here + here)
Aldo Necklace 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sweater Weather

HM Jumper, Asos dress, Zara Coat and Boots

Summer is the season everybody loves, it means swimsuit, sun, sand and long nights outdoors with the sun setting down around 9pm. I love those moments because, the one thing you have to worry about is getting your hands on the right swimsuit that will shape you at your advantage. And of course, those dancing nights on the beach with some friends.. But it's long gone, and I know some of you might want it back and just enjoy sun all the year around. But, season change is something I love. Fall equals layering. And guys, this is exactly what I've tried to reach for the outfit I wore yesterday.

This outfit is a mix of summer and fall actually. I mixed my favorite white lace dress with my great pastel old pink jumper. I won't trade this outfit, but tights were forgotten, and I blame myself in the morning, before coffee.
Layering is an art, and I love playing with layers and give a simple outfit a twist you didn't see coming.

Some ideas

White Lace Dress

Pink Jumper

Monday, October 27, 2014

Self Confidence

Due to some introspection and research on my computer, I saw that I did have this specific outtake of one of my favourite shoot we made. I don't know why, but thou I loved the outfit I wore there, I love it more with the hat. From time to time, I have an obsession about a particular accessorize like a clutch, a pair of shoes, of earrings or in that case, a hat. I found it at HM and it was love at first sight. There's so much to tell about it! I took it with me to New York, and that was a great decision - sometimes, a simple accessorize can turn a whole outfit in another one. It can make you more confident, strong and more powerful.

Actually, having a piece on what you can rely on from time to time, just to give your outfit a whole different perception is something I didn’t understand before I started this adventure. I won’t compare a Panama with a little black dress, but well, it’s a must in a wardrobe also. I guess, a great pair of shoes or a hat like this one can be compared to a red lipstick (I dare, didn’t I). I love wearing red, and for a while I was more in the favour of a daring burgundy lipstick, but grabbing a hat at the last moment before stepping out your door is as good as wearing a red lipstick. Self-confidence is a domain where work and efforts are always things you have to innovate and do more. Daring is a certainly the all point of Fashion, and that’s the reason why I love this area of work and innovation. Whatever you do there will be always someone to disagree with you, so daring a little more should not be an issue, but a choice to be proud of.

Plus, I didn’t post that video of my 23 self dancing in the wind on Place Vendôme. That was a big moment.