Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On repeat

You can have Manhattan
I know it’s for the best
I’ll gather up the avenues
And leave them on your doorstep
And I’ll tip toe away
So you won’t have to say
You heard me leave

You can have Manhattan
I know it’s what you want
The bustle and the buildings
The weather in the fall
And I’ll bow out of place
To save you some space
For somebody new

You can have Manhattan
Cause I can’t have you

You can have Manhattan
The one we used to share
The one where we were laughing
And drunk on just being there
Hang on to the reverie
Could you do that for me?
Cause I’m just too sad to

You can have Manhattan
Cause I can’t have you

And so it goes
One foot after the other
Til black and white begin to color in
And I know
That holding us in place
Is simply fear of what’s already changed

You can have Manhattan
I’ll settle for the beach
And sunsets facing westward
With sand beneath my feet

I’ll wish this away
Just missing the days
When I was one half of two
You can have Manhattan
Cause I can’t have you


Monday, April 28, 2014

Little Brown Bag

Black Mango Leather jacket (Lio), Zara Skirt (similar here), Forever21 Check blouse (similar here), HM rings, (similar here) Timberland boots

The weather’s going all crazy – once it’s sunny, once it’s rainy or gloomy – my outfit for this day was kind of a mix of winter and spring. I went for a check pattern blouse and for a black skirt. This black skirt is kind of the best thing in my closet for spring. It’s so simple and it makes any outfit chic and casual without even trying.
To give it a twist, I grab this super cute leather bagpack I bought in Marrakech. It’s crazy, but I’m starting to fall in love with bagpacks.

As exciting as May is, I really hate this moment when you know finals are coming. Thou I don’t get enough sleep, I try not to jump in a sweat pant and sneakers/ Uggs (I’m pretty sure you’d also be tempted by that). That’s why even when I’m working all day long, I know I have to dress up to feel a little more like myself. As tired as I am (I really need to take a break!), that’s the reason I went for my Timberlands, and not something fancy on my feet!

Le temps vire à la girouette - une fois c'est ensoleillé, une fois c'est pluvieux ou sombre - ma tenue mélange d'hiver et de printemps. Une blouse à carreaux et une jupe noire. Cette skort noire est la meilleure chose dans mon dressing pour le printemps. Si simple et elle rend chic toute tenue, sans même besoin de faire un quelconque effort.
Pour donner un petit twist, j’ai choisi d’emporter ce sac à dos en cuir que j’ai acquis à Marrakech. Fou, mais vrai, je ne peux plus m’en passer.

Même si je suis dans l’obligation de travailler toute la journée, je me sens dans l’obligation de m’habiller, pour me sentir un peu plus en accord. Pour autant, aussi épuisée que je le suis (une pause s’impose !), je ne pouvais pas me résoudre à porter autre chose que mes Tims.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Funday

Captions from Vogue Australia

Feeling a little down right now, so as it’s Sunday, I though I’ll flip through some of my new glossy magazines. Well, as you may know by now, I’m kind of a big fan of Australian fashion designers. I love how they pull the right thing off and make inspiration clicks if you know what I mean. It’s spring already, and I really love this season, but I wish the weather would be somehow warmer. These shots are from my Instagram, and I though it’d be nice to tell you what I really like for the moment.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse – This little bottle is a life savior, and I’m not even kidding. I do love coconut oil (indeed, it’s my favorite beauty thing, thanks to Intothegloss’ beauty editor), but this bottle is filled with 10 different oils, and believe me, what it does is magic.
Dior Lip Maximizer – Pretty skeptical about this stuff, but I did buy it and now, I can’t live without it. I don’t know exactly what it does (except for plumping and give volume to your lips), but it’s a nice thing to add on before you leave the house.
Well, these little rings are one of those things you think you’ll get tired of, but of course, I didn’t. I wear them all day long, and they’re from HM. How great is that.
Chloe Perfume – This is a summer fragrance I bought a year ago, and when it’s getting warmer outside, I ditch all of those other fragrances (except for the new Body by Burberry, it’s heavenly), and just wear this scent. Reminding me summer.

Last but not least, this white lace bralette. I really love how this little thing can change an outfit from casual to sexy in a second. I can’t find another one like this, and I searched everywhere. Any idea where I could find another one? How do you spend your Sunday?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blue Jean

Black Mango Leather jacket (Lio), Pull and Bear Jean Shirt, Zara Jeans, Jonak Boots

It’s not a secret: I love jeans. Either way, I really know I can find a way to dress up in the morning with a really good pair of jeans, and feel good all day long. Really, god bless Levi’s.
Anyway, I was (like always) scrolling through my favorite magazine, and it was always the same: jeans combo are everywhere. So, as I know myself, I wanted to find the perfect blue jean shirt (Okay, I do think it’s all about basics, you know. Instead of buying a lot of shirts and pants, owning a good pair of jeans and the perfect blue jean shirt is a must, right?)

Of course, it was obvious that I will get my hand on the perfect blue jean shirt while not searching for it. Obvious choice to pull together a jean combo outfit.

Ce n'est pas un secret : j'aime les jeans. Dans tous les cas, je sais vraiment que je peux trouver un moyen pour m'habiller le matin avec une bonne paire de jeans et me sentir bien toute la journée. Vraiment, God bless Levi’s.
De toute façon, j'étais (comme toujours) en train de feuilleter mes magazines et je ne voyais qu’une chose : le combo de jeans. Ainsi, comme je me connais, j'ai voulu trouver la chemise en jean parfaite (Okay, je pense vraiment que le plus important ceux sont les basiques. Au lieu d'acheter beaucoup de chemises et de pantalons, posséder une bonne paire de jeans et la chemise en jean parfaite est un must, n'est-ce pas ?)

L’évidence même : tomber sur la chemise que l’on recherche alors qu’on ne cherche pas. C’était donc complètement intentionnel d’aborder une tenue que de jean.