Thursday, February 20, 2014

From the streets

Fashion week is something you can't avoid and you want to be a part of. It's as much on the runway as it is in the streets. And I admit that my favorite part is, for sure, off the runway. How people wear a piece is what’s inspiring.
These are a few street styles pics I found really inspiring.

1) I love how a beige coat can bring some chic to an outfit.
2) Nicole knows how to bring some boldness to an outfit that seems at first sight boring. Just a simple suit, a timeless piece (even if it’s checkmates)
3) Size does matter. How fun is this statement pouch / clutch !
4)  I’m really loving the « less is more » style thing. This is really what I go for on an everyday basis.
5)  Mira Duma. That’s enough.
6) I really consider buying a teal coat for Spring. Olivia knows how to rock it.
7) Cali style added to some boho one. Well, I’m going for it, even if it’s Polar vortex. 
8)  My favorite one. Boyfriend jeans and Celine bag, what else.

Friday, February 14, 2014


wearing :   Coat : Zara / Jeans : H&M Divided / Boots : Timberland
WAIST Il y a des pièces coup de cœur, dont on ne peut réellement pas se passer. Que ce soit un jean, un perfecto ou une jupe crayon. Personnellement, ce jean skinny est une de ces pièces dont je ne me lasse pas. Jamais. Taille haute. Bleaché façon neige. Bref, une petite trouvaille que je ne renie plus comme adopté ! Exception faite du froid polaire que nous subissons, le printemps qui approche est une bonne raison de faire de nouveaux achats non ? Sur ce, Joyeuse Saint-Valentin !