You could see Tomboy No More or Liana, as her ID states, as one of another blogger. It’s the brunette you’ll see, eyes wide open, slightly un-organized, full of energy, and having some addiction for coffee. To give the world a better sight than these un-specified and slightly light description, she decided to share her daily moments more in depth and give the world a better glimpse of a Parisian life. Boyish on the edges, she’s still embracing that unspecific classy thing all over the world peeps are raving about Parisian: Tomboy No More was born and ready to take a trip.

She started ‘Tomboy No more » in 2013 while graduating from Law School at La Sorbonne Paris I, her home place, or as she would call it, the place where the sun rarely shines.

Why did she start blogging? First, she was bored and wanted to create something she would be proud of. Then, she realized that being Parisian, and with her keen eyes on everything stylish and related to fashion, combining to the fact that she embraced a minimalist style, the Tomboy chronicle was born.

While she wanted to share her wide eyes vision of Paris and its incredible architecture the whole world envy, her combination of minimalist pieces and her blogging tips, she’s trying to create something interesting, fun and enjoyable for her readers.

Sure she has her personality, including the fact that being a Tomboy does require to never back down and defends her style with passion and conviction. Between chic, rock and minimalist, she has a style vision that some could find edgy, but yet, on point.

So whenever you need to relax or need to be inspired, don’t look further than what Liana daily share through her dedicated space to Fashion and Paris. She will surely find out a way to point out for you the right and simplest path. And yet, she’s just starting.

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