Friday, November 28, 2014


This week has been a little bit hectic, and that's the reason - plus it's really pouring down out there - I didn't post a look. Since, it's Winter time, and I can't find a moment - or someone - to shoot - and trying to solve this problem - I though I will talk about Seasonal Trends.

Law school on one hand, and trying to do the most of my blogger journey, I usually spend a lot of time on online shops as Asos, Topshop and even Zara or Shopbop.
I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one in the game of Wishlists - I have a wishlist for every trend and I know that even if I can't afford everything, I will spend some time to decide which piece I need in my wardrobe. I developed a bunch of rules I live by when it comes to shopping online and especially when it comes to the subject of "what do I need". It's just so nice to have all my "wanted" pieces of clothes on one page, so I just know what I'm looking for. So, I wanted to share with you my personal favorite items for the season.

P E N C I L  S K I R T

I've always had trouble to wear with confidence a pencil skirt. This kind of skirt could be very treacherous for your shape. I've been starting to like them a little more since I found out which ones enhance my silhouette without making me shorter than I am already. You need to pick a sleek plain pencil skirt which is not too tight as a bodycon dress is. I was literally scrolling through my personal favorite online shops and some blogs when I found this one from The Fifth and from Mango - which I got, and I can't wait to show it to you. There are so much I would love to show you so you can pick the best for your own shape - it's a must have for me, even if Winter is right around the corner. I love wearing one with a big jumper, and play with the cut and shapes of those two pieces. Don't you agree that printed one or lace one are just the best thing ever?

 S I X T I E S

The thing about Fashion Month is that you're get all excited about new trends. Rule #2 concerns those type of trends: when you know that you won't wear a specific outfit or piece of clothes on a period of two years, you know that it's a trend that won't last, at least for you. Some trends are very not attractive, but some are quite exciting - and that's the case for the Sixties trend. I love wearing cute sleek cut dresses, which will enhance your shape in a way you didn't imagine. The power of clothes can be sometimes pretty amazing.

Little pastel sequins dresses or dresses with a scuba high neck are quite the thing I'd love to wear. What about a really 60s inspired checked duster coat? I'm trying not to buy all of those things, trust me I'm finding this pretty hard.

N O R M C O R E 

At first, I was pretty skeptical about this trend, because I though it was quite "mean" if you know what I mean, for the people who don't care about what they're wearing.
Then, I started to embrace this all new trend for just one reason - it's so easy, chilly style, that without a doubt, I'll wear those kind of thing everyday because I know that's perfectly in accord with what I love about Fashion. The perfection of this trend for me, lies in the fact that it's timeless. And that's the rule I follow when it comes to my wardrobe - and maybe it's my Parisian sense of life which's talking... Wear a long sleeves grey dress and you're up to go! Normcore says 'I have soul and intelligence. I'm unique and I don't need to shout about it."

A  L L   B L A C K    
E V E R Y T H I N G 

As a matter of fact, living in Paris is quite nice, but when Winter is finally here, all you want to do - and I bet it's the case for everyone living in Europe - is snuggling under a big fluffy cover and never get out until Spring is back. 
I guess that's the reason why all I want to wear is black. Black is essential, and it's so easy to dress in the morning when all you have to throw is a pair of ripped black jeans, some booties and cute little button down shirt.

For what it's worth, I'd wear this kind of outfit everyday - but since I can't, I try to vary and I got my inspiration from website like PinterestLe 21èmeWhoWhatWear, and bloggers like Harper and Harley or Zanita.

Plus, it's finally BLACK FRIDAY - Cancel everything, Asos is having get 20% off EVERYTHING with code CYBERWKND20
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

New In #4

This is probably one of my favorite Lingerie parure. It's from Aerie for American Eagle - pretty sure you all know about their collection. The perfection of those pieces is in the cut obvs: the lace bra is a triangle and it's perfect to wear under a white button down shirt. The pantie is a cheeky one, and for once, I'll admit that I love this cut. The lace details give it an allure that I adore.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

On Instagram

Strolls through the île of City was my first time, and I was happy like a clam. Bought this amazing jumper at Mango, and if I could, I'll wear it everyday. Little throwback to last September when I was on a plane leaving Copenhagen. Those sunsets are quite magical. Even tho I didn't get a minute to relax, I was strolling through my hard drive, and I found some photos I've taken at Pop Up Mod, those prints are kind of amazing right? There's this amazing blue navy jumpsuit also hanging there. Back to this little place last week where waterings are hanging from the ceiling, in the middle of the city. Those cinnamon rolls remind me Christmas. Stopped at Other Stories the other day, and got the thing I've been obsessing about: Fig and Roses. That's exactly what looks like my breakfast on a Sundaze. Those pretty heels are on my Holiday Wishlist and they are from Other Stories. It's so rare to see the sun at this period of the year - but it was time for a selfie, which I don't take easily. Paris at night, and those lights on the Champs-Elysées. Finally, got to post one of my favorite shoot at Palais-Royal. What about your week

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Interior: White Room with a view

Just yesterday I read a Q&A Margaret Zhang post on her blog a few month ago that was quite interesting. Quoting her, she said that there was a difference between just blogging to look pretty, fly around the world and expect presents from the brands AND building something from nothing "a powerful digital brand, with credibility, long-term influence and promote good values to a loyal audience". Quite frankly, she was totally right. I totally agree with the reasons she brought to her audience's attention, I believe that blogging is not just by being pretty and expect gifts from brands you're supposedly raving about. That's the reason why I intent to diversify the type of posts here. What about inspirational interiors posts on Monday or Sunday? As usual, Pinterest was quite the inspirational source for this idea that was trying to draft her way into my mind. 

There is something outstanding when it comes to white interiors, and there's no mystery that particular color brings much more light when the space is proportionally perfect. White interior are somehow a dream to achieve and it's definitely on my top list. Add french windows with light beaming through it, and you have the heavenly kind of morning, which I dream to wake up every morning... Pinterest here!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Classics

First thing first, "classics" are a word comprehensible differently by every one. Should you be a basic kind of girl or a more goofy-prints-all-over your shirts kind of girl, classics change. For the most part, it's something you don't want to throw away because it has lived some pretty big moments (or bad ones - that stain a friend of yours made because she was sipping on whatever drink it was, and unfortunately your classic piece was the damaged one). 
There's something that is true - and that we (girls) refute every time - as a matter of fact, we don't need a lot of different clothes - and yes, this is me talking. I found out that every time I'm travelling with my 22 inch Kg suitcase, I only wear a tiny bit of the whole stuffs I've been trying to put inside. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one, the day before the flight - either way / sometimes it's the night before - struggling with her suitcase and for whatever reason, I want to put this particular printed dress inside - which I won't wear obviously. Well, men were right - we only wear a 20% of our clothes actually, and that's the definition of "classics" for me - the bunch of pieces you can't live without, because you know, eventually, you will reach for them in a situation where you're facing you closet thinking - what the hell am I going to wear today/ tonight?

But, forget whatever you mom's glossy magazine ever told you - it's not a good pair of chino pants or a midi skirt which has to be a pencil one with the right length aka be to-the-knee length. I have this feeling that this kind of skirt is unpractically wearable, except if you want to land on your butt, or your face, because you dare to wear high heels, in which you can't really walk like a supermodel. 

For whatever reason, my love for classic pieces grow faster than I expected. What I consider as a classic piece might be not yours - except for the leather jacket, which I concede is a classic piece for everyone in this room. Classic pieces are more of a simple black button down shirt and a pair of really flattering skinny jeans than a little black dress. Okay, so don't think I'm not a lover of the LDB; but well, it seems like there's only one thing people think is a classic. Quite frankly, I disagree. Yes, a little black dress is always nice to wear, and it definitely empowers you and your features, but what about this thing of layering some good classic pieces? Maybe I'm being dramatic, but since I started this little adventure, I love to observe how people dress, and your outfit is kind of revealing who you are inside, and well how you feel about yourself. 

As a matter of self-expression, I think layering is the key. That's what I'm trying to respect when I dress in the morning - maybe, it's easier in winter, I guess. It doesn't need to be three jackets or sweaters - just think about how great you can look if you're just adding a little brown belt to your cream knit or a pair of sunglasses (okay not in December) or just a hat? That's the point of accessorizing. I might give a little bit of too much attention to these stuffs, but I blame it on Fashion.

Outfit 1: Zara coat, Mango suit button down shirt, Lee Scarlett skinny jeans, Mango ankle boots
Outfit 2: Zara coat, HM button down shirt, Forever21 Black Jeans, Mango ankle boots, HM Hat

Friday, November 21, 2014


Gift season is so close, and it can be quite stressful, especially when you’ve no idea what to offer to your friends, or your mom or dad – surely not another tie or pair of socks. I love gift giving, and I’m really into the lookout for original, lovely gifts that I will be proud to get and give at the right moment. There are so much things out there you can get – especially when you’re wandering on UO or Asos – and that’s the reason why I will do some suggestions in the next couple of weeks.
This Gift Guide #1 is about books, and especially #Girls – I’m a huge reader, and what I love about UO and all those websites, is that there’s always something you don’t know about that actually exist, and is fun to offer, to women as men.

First, above some suggestions for the woman who are really into Fashion and travel:

1.     For the girl who wants to embrace the Parisian style and mood – How to be a Parisian wherever you are (which I’ll order for myself soon enough)
2.     For the effortless chic girl who loves Fashion, and street style – Parisian street style
3.     For the girl who loves GIRLS, and want to dive into Lena’s world – Not That Kind of Girl
4.     For the girl who wants to embrace British effortless style as Alexa Chung do – IT by Alexa Chung
5.     For the girl who loves travelling, even tho she might be broke – Travel Guide for the Young, sexy and broke

Above, a guide for photography lovers:

6.   For the guy/girl who loves Fashion history and good photography/ Audrey Hepburn - Fashion that Changed the World
7.   For the guy who loves travelling. This is quite the best travel guide - 36 Hours in America
8.   For the one who dreams to be as cool as Pharell, because who doesn't - Pharell - Places and spaces I've Been 
9.   For the one who adore Kate Moss in the early years of her career. Icons lover, this is quite an amazing book - Kate Moss- The Kate Moss Book
10. For the Fashionable guy - I hate this word actually - or the one who needs to learn something about how to dress - Men in this Town 

What do you think about this selection? Any suggestion?