Friday, January 16, 2015

Coffee and Music

This mix of words (including Friday and Yay) is totally appropriate, since as you may know, I've been studying a lot for my finals, and not it's finally over. Library life is surely the worst kind of life for anyone. Sometimes, it's so hard to keep up with the rhythm law school will weight on your shoulders.
As I'm on break now, I will keep up with my resolution to post more and more on this freedom of speech space. I had so much to do this past week, that I didn't even have time to pick up with some articles I've been scheduling.
Friday means also weekend, and for it's all about good coffee and music. I though I will share with you some coffee places I've been to the past few months, including one overseas.
Plus, what about sharing more music you need to listen to? I've been noticing that I have to listen to music to work (or work out) and do be productive.

Craft Cafe - It's been the place I've been popping to when I want to meet with some friends. The perfect thing is that you can work there, since there's a coworking place dedicating to it. Thing is, it depends what you're working on. 

Telescope Café - Pretty sure all Parisians have heard about this place. Plus, you have to try the banana bread. I've never been a lover of that patisserie, but this one is definitely one of the best.

Kitsuné Café - For sure, it's one of the smallest coffee place I've been to. The coffee is really enjoyable, but the positive point is that it's closed to one of my favorite in Paris: les Jardins du Palais Royal. You definitely have to test the Matcha Tea Latte, heavenly good.

Coutume Instituutti - In the heart of Paris, it's hidden in the Finnish Institute next to Saint-Michel metro station. Make you sure you pop there when you have some time ahead and you just want to relax and have some good coffee. The people there are so nice, it feels like you're not in Paris anymore. 

Fondation Café - One of the loveliest place you'll find in the heart of Paris. It's in the Marais, but it really worth it. The cakes and the scones there are so good, you'll definitely want to grab some. 

The Barn - It's in Berlin, and it's pretty hard to find it since it's hidden. On this day I've been wandering through the neighborhood, and to be honest, I don't have any clue how I've stumbled upon it. That had been such a nice discovery, and I just want to say, you really have to pop there anytime you're in Berlin. I loved this city, and if you want me to tell you more about it, let me know. 

Hope you like my picks x 

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