Sunday, January 18, 2015


Winter is definitely not my friend. There, I come clean. Since, I'm on break, but not going anywhere warm in a close period of time, I'll just have to deal with the low temperatures. I'm a lover of the sunlight and since, it's playing peek-a-boo for almost two weeks, I guess I'll have to deal with it. It might be because I've been growing up in the Northern hemisphere, but I envy those LA people living in a place where it's sunny all year around. Here, it's either way raining, windy, or worst, snowing - friends, I love the snow, but I hate seeing my knuckles freezing. I quite understand why some people love the rain since they're not used to it, but they can definitely have some if that's their desire. It's in my personality to complain about something like the weather, and you can't blame me for that. So, for now, since I live here, I was wondering what to do about it? I decided to do a list for myself of things to do in winter. 

1. Decorating your space. Being in the mood for winter is quite difficult when you're not feeling to, so I've came across the idea that burning scented candles might be one of the best thing in winter. I got mine from Zara Home or OtherStories

2. Drink a lot of tea. Staying hydrated is something I've learnt the hard way - but this story is for another day- so drinking tea, and especially mint green tea is one of my fav activity. It speaks for itself: there's nothing more comforting than a big mug of something hot that will warm up your hands. 

3. Cuddle up and Netflix. Winter is definitely the season where you'll never feel guilty for staying home, watching your favorite series and movies while cuddling up in a big fluffy blanket. Blessing the day where a guy's invented Netflix. Currently obsessed with Chicago PD and SVU. Olivia Benson is one hell of a character. 

4. Closet clean-out. Okay, so, I hate doing this at another moment. I came across this WWW method for cleaning out your closet, and either way, it's a good reason to justify buying some new stuff.  

5. Practice my Yoga skills. Working out changed my life, but for some reason I was pretty perplexed about Yoga. Freezing temperatures is the good excuse to get back on the mat. I will master my downward dog posture. 

6. Plotting my next adventure. Being released of my school duties in a few months, I'm dreaming about escaping somewhere warm, nice, sandy and unknown. Jessica's blog is the perfect destination to choose a getaway destination. Thinking about Croatia and sailing the Dalmatian coast, what are your thoughts about this place?

7. Grab a cup of coffee and read the news. I adore those moments where I can relax, grab the newspaper and read about what's going on in the world the old way. Seems like the world is going out of control, but hoping for better time.. 

8. Pajama day all day. Guilty pleasure of winter. Staying in my pajama all day, and being cosy is one thing I can totally master. Who cares if you're in your pajama all day? It's con productive, but no one will see you. 

9. Catching up on some reading. I love reading some books I've put on "pause", because I didn't have some time to catch up on my reading. For the moment, I'm reading Anna Karenina, and also, I'm contemplating the moment where I'll finally open my mailbox to find 'YES' by Amy Poehler. 

10. Go to the gym / Modelfit. It's not bikini season, yet. It's definitely the right time to break some sweat and respect some of those NY resolutions you've made two weeks ago. Enjoying those Model Fit videos on youtube - it's been so easy to be back on my fitness routine since I can do it from home. They say it's easy, and beneficial for your mind and body. I'm starting to believe in it. 

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