Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sea Shore Woo

There are so much of us. Streetstyle bloggers are one of the many thing I clame to be (such a hardworker I am), but one of the thing we really adore here is photography. Among your friends there's always this girl taking everything she stumbled upon in pictures while traveling right? I am this girl. I grew up with the idea that beauty is among us and it's definitely okay to take a shot of it. Some people might don't understand what is the point of taking a picture, but unfortunately for them, I do. Fashion photography is something peculiar and while, there are magazine editorials, I have a tendency to search for something different than the average editorials claiming they are inventing something bold, ecstatic, never seen before. I've been hook up with this subject while stumbling upon two peculiar blog - Zanita, which is the famous eponymous website of Zanita Whittington and ShineByThree, glorious and magistral journal of incredible and refreshing Margaret Zhang. 

Don't fool yourself believing I will quit the main purpose of this website - streetstyle blogging is one of the thing I adore, and I'd love to continue this part as long as I have the chance to - and I hope it will bring some cool stuff for the year coming.

I won't blabering trying to introduce what I'm saying - I'm opening another category on this website and I hope you'll accompany me along this road - JOURNAL. It will definitely be more about the exclusive editorials I'm stumbling upon through the jungle that is our beloved modern tool (internet), and for starter, I wanted to share one of those that have caught my eyes yesterday.

This exclusive Edito shot by Madelyn Wray somewhere in Australia along the sea shore was brought to my eyes by Amanda Shadforth (OracleFox). Suzy Woo, Australian babe, is the main piece of this incredible and fantastic aesthetic shoot. There is something pretty amazing to this backdrop, and it might be my seaside lover part talking, but there's definitely something magical lying upon mother nature backdrop. Secret locations (or not) I have the envy to discover the place where this was taken. Moreover, let's just say that Bec and Bridge swimsuit collections is beyond real. 

Suzy Woo know how to work magic, sand, sunlight and wet hair. Now, I have the urge to be some place sandy, sunny and warm.

Photography: MadelyneWray    Source: OracleFox   Model: Suzy Woo   Wearing: Bec and Bridge 

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