Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Interior: White Room with a view

Just yesterday I read a Q&A Margaret Zhang post on her blog a few month ago that was quite interesting. Quoting her, she said that there was a difference between just blogging to look pretty, fly around the world and expect presents from the brands AND building something from nothing "a powerful digital brand, with credibility, long-term influence and promote good values to a loyal audience". Quite frankly, she was totally right. I totally agree with the reasons she brought to her audience's attention, I believe that blogging is not just by being pretty and expect gifts from brands you're supposedly raving about. That's the reason why I intent to diversify the type of posts here. What about inspirational interiors posts on Monday or Sunday? As usual, Pinterest was quite the inspirational source for this idea that was trying to draft her way into my mind. 

There is something outstanding when it comes to white interiors, and there's no mystery that particular color brings much more light when the space is proportionally perfect. White interior are somehow a dream to achieve and it's definitely on my top list. Add french windows with light beaming through it, and you have the heavenly kind of morning, which I dream to wake up every morning... Pinterest here!

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