Friday, November 21, 2014


Gift season is so close, and it can be quite stressful, especially when you’ve no idea what to offer to your friends, or your mom or dad – surely not another tie or pair of socks. I love gift giving, and I’m really into the lookout for original, lovely gifts that I will be proud to get and give at the right moment. There are so much things out there you can get – especially when you’re wandering on UO or Asos – and that’s the reason why I will do some suggestions in the next couple of weeks.
This Gift Guide #1 is about books, and especially #Girls – I’m a huge reader, and what I love about UO and all those websites, is that there’s always something you don’t know about that actually exist, and is fun to offer, to women as men.

First, above some suggestions for the woman who are really into Fashion and travel:

1.     For the girl who wants to embrace the Parisian style and mood – How to be a Parisian wherever you are (which I’ll order for myself soon enough)
2.     For the effortless chic girl who loves Fashion, and street style – Parisian street style
3.     For the girl who loves GIRLS, and want to dive into Lena’s world – Not That Kind of Girl
4.     For the girl who wants to embrace British effortless style as Alexa Chung do – IT by Alexa Chung
5.     For the girl who loves travelling, even tho she might be broke – Travel Guide for the Young, sexy and broke

Above, a guide for photography lovers:

6.   For the guy/girl who loves Fashion history and good photography/ Audrey Hepburn - Fashion that Changed the World
7.   For the guy who loves travelling. This is quite the best travel guide - 36 Hours in America
8.   For the one who dreams to be as cool as Pharell, because who doesn't - Pharell - Places and spaces I've Been 
9.   For the one who adore Kate Moss in the early years of her career. Icons lover, this is quite an amazing book - Kate Moss- The Kate Moss Book
10. For the Fashionable guy - I hate this word actually - or the one who needs to learn something about how to dress - Men in this Town 

What do you think about this selection? Any suggestion?

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