Sunday, January 4, 2015


Unbelievably fast. You missed it. How is it possible that 2015 has already kicked in? It's a complete mystery to me. I did took some time off from the Internet world, from the time itself, for a few days, because December ends in fireworks, and after all, waking up in January doesn't seem any different. Oh well, I have not slept enough, got a fresh cup of roasted coffee but it seems juts like another day. Another day. 
That doesn't sound promising at all. It's like you're expecting something new, something you've waited for long but, won't show up (it's exactly how the little one above feel when reading her horoscope - what about expectations?) 
Goodbye 2014, cheers to 2015. 

Since a few months, I've set myself some goals which include the one to embrace and enjoy every moment is gave to me. 
I have a feeling that 2015 will be a lot more different than 2014, that something unpredictable will happen if I let things happening. Don't want to get cheesy - it's not my kind of thing - but, I want this space to be somewhere you'll find positive energy, inspiration or even something to make you smile (Now, I sound cheesy. Apologize needed). 
What's in my mind, is that I'm going to spend the first week January working my ass off - If I may say so - for my finals. As you may know, I'm still fighting to get my Law School diploma, and I'd be glad the moment I'll be finally over it. 

Besides that, I'm realizing that I took very seriously this blog adventure, and that I've wrote over 150 articles the past year. It might be nothing - comparison to some of the most popular and amazing blogger out there - but, I can finally say that I'm pretty proud of something I've accomplished by myself - or, to be more precise, with the help of some of pretty exceptional people. Hoping 2015 will bring more exceptional moments, more joy, smiles to all of you. 

Wishing you a blessed 2015 - don't be afraid yo push forward, to dream a little bigger, to expect more, to be passionate about what you do, to be more adventurous, to believe you can step out of your boundaries, to give back, to take risks, to let your guard down and to be really happy with yourself! 

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