Sunday, January 25, 2015

How to: 7 tips to be STYLISH

So kiddos, I've been MIA for a few days and the reason behind this quite silent disparition is that I'm taking things a little bit further and I'm trying to migrate to another platform (wordpress), because I really want to work as hard as I can to give you the best content. Since it's taking some time, and because I'm editing a lot of things that I will post this week, I though I'll talk about some tips I've stumbled upon claiming how to be stylish. 
I don't pretend to know everything about how to be stylish or how to dress, but there's some principles I've kept in mind when I'm upfront with my closet in the morning, or when I need to be somewhere specific. Im definitely a kinda overthinking girl, so don't mind the rolling eyes. 

When it comes to be stylish, you might think it's all about having nice designer clothes, but sometimes it's simpler than that. Some tips have been shared, so why not sharing with all of you? Wanna know about this stylish general guidelines that are substantially so wise? Keep scrolling, and let me know what your might think about that. 

1. Clothing is a way of communication. I've always believed that self-expression can be demonstrate several ways, and one of them is how you dress. Indeed, you are always communicating something - body language is something really important, and it's like smiling. Stylists have though about this one a lot, and one thing on which I agree is that how you dress translate how you want to be perceived by others. Either you intend to, or not, it's always saying something about you. 

2. Investing in a great pair of jeans. Jeans are so much more that a simple piece of clothes. Wearing your favorite piece of denim can completely switch you day to a great one. Indeed, the fit being primordial - you don't want to splurge on some jeans you won't wear much more than twice. Anyway,  I've haunted for a really good pair, and I found one a Lee Jeans, but I might be on the haunt for another one. 

3. Most important thing; the fit. Keeping on with this idea, I've made my mind around this one this past year, and this is actually so true. If the fit doesn't fit, don't bother to splurge on it because it's on trend. The trendiest piece of clothes won't make you stylish at all. It will make you trendy right, but it won't flatter your silhouette, and well, I think it's more important. Stylist Stacy London said something very wise "You have to do that in order to figure out what looks good on you. And besides, confidence is the best accessory. It can make or break an outfit."

4. Times to play with trends. What's cool with Fashion is that it's all about having fun. So, since the trends go to one place to another in just few months, trends are always switching to another supposedly stylish thing "you have to get your hands on". Truth is, sometimes being trendy doesn't work in a special situation. Like, for former special occasion (aka wedding of your sister), embracing a faux fur blue coat might not be the best trick you could pull out. 

5. Tiny things will change your look. It's true what they say: sport accessories or pulling tiny tricks can totally change how you look. When I'm saying that I'm not thinking only about sporting jewelry like fine and simple rings, but also like tucking your shirt in your jeans. Latter one is one of those I've sported, and it's something I'm not tired of, because it's a personal expression of showing people I can play with fashion and interested them to try new things. 

6. Less is more. That's actually what I'm calling my style signature. Everyone should have a style signature that will show people that you're different from anyone else. Actually, that's exactly the concept Queen of JetLags is expressing in this article - what's your brand or UPS (unique selling point)? I'm aspiring to stand out in the blogosphere world, and I think determining what's your UPS and your style is quite important. It applies in your day to day life, and it's not specific to bloggers actually. To do so, think about the ONE thing you're always sporting - skinnies, boyfriends jeans or a piece of jewelry. 

7. Outfits are a method. Clothing is a method for you to respond to social situations. Don't try to reinvent the wheel, and sport something completely inappropriate for specific occasion. Indeed, you won't wear that mini skirt to go to work, because it might not be appropriate right? So, the last thing I will express for today (I won't bother you anymore, and glad if you went that far) is that you can picture your outfit as your armor to confront some situations - work, weddings, GNO - whatever. I'm a partisan of that idea - outfits and clothes can make you so much more confident. Self-confidence might pass through your outfit and that's okay - "Self-confidence os the best outfit, rock it, and own it". 

What do you think about this kind of article? Do you enjoy those and do I should write some more like these? Really want to know! x


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