Monday, January 26, 2015

Craving for

I am always in the haunt for a good pair of jeans, especially a ripped skinny jeans. To be honest with you, it's one of my passion, or at least one of my currently craving envy. Like I said not so long ago, I'm in the haunt for a new pair, and I definitely want to invest in a good pair. I used to turn to Lee Jeans, Asos or even Levi's pair of Jeans, but currently, I'm craving for a pair made by the one and only Anine Bing. Her eponymous brand is quite the perfect philosophy behind simple and casual style and I'm totally embracing her moto. Most important, since Anine don't carry her brand in Paris, I do have to search online and found a pair that will fit - and that's really a one hell of a shot (I don't have the habit to buy jeans without trying before buying!). 

Moreover, what I adore about ripped skinny jeans is that they bring the perfect edge to your outfit without being "too much". I love how they're adorable and how they're so comfortable. Pairing them with some camel ankle boots, a stripped tee and I'm on my way towards the door. If you want to dress them up, the easiest way is to pair your perfect pair with some black heels and a black blazer like this one 
The key is to try a lot of different pair, and I'm pretty sure you'll never want to leave them the minute you'll wear them. 

Anyway, my envy is either way for some J Brand Jeans or for some Anine Bing one. What's your choice? 


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