Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Travel bucket list

Blogging takes time, ressources and extreme low temperatures don't help shooting outfits. Since I don't have something new to post, and because I don't want to post something old, I though I'll talk about something that I cherish particularly: my travel bucket list. I've been wandering on the Queen of JetLags blog (which I fell in love with just a few days ago, this girl's ama-zing) and Jessica's one.

There's a few places I dream to go (or to go back actually).

First one: Australia and especially Queensland. I don't know what is about this place, but I dream to go there badly. This dreamy life every Australian blogger is talking about is enviable, and I've been dreaming to land in the country of infinite summer for years. It's unique, it's diverse, it's big and this continent is bloody beautiful. Tropical North Queensland, Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands, Fraser Island, The Sunshine and Gold Coasts, Brisbane, and of course, Sydney. Dreamy, dreamy place. 

My second place will be Tel-Aviv. I've already been there a few times, and this is definitely the place I call home. So many few people doesn't know about the beauty and the fabulousness of this country that is Israel. One thing I've learnt is that when you don't know about something, the most important thing is to never believe what others might think about it - let's be honest, rumors and misleading stories are obviously one of those things that lead to misbeliefs, hatred and closed minds. Unfortunately for some, I'm definitely not like that, and as you might have understood by now, I love meeting new people and culture. Travelling is one of the best thing we have the opportunity to have, and the beauty of a life of travels is definitely that you become richer once you're back. This is the idea that's driven me to explore and to do that bucket list. 
Anyway, if you're still with me (and I'll appreciate it a lot since I'm chatting a lot, but who cares?), Tel-Aviv is one of those places you want to put a foot on. The beaches there are quite amazing when there's not a soul around, and you realize the place belongs to you.
There are so many places and spots I want to point for you to go... Will do this very soon!

Third one being Bali, Indonesia. 
Never been to the Asian continent, but that's one of my bucket list spots. It seems like Bali has so much to offer to our eyes. Every people I met, and that have been there, explained me that it was one hell of a place. Even the food is amazing and nourishing. Don't make me start on the sunrises. 

Fourth: Road trip around America, and especially, it's been a dream of mine to see the Grand Canyon, Scottdales, El Paso, Texas, Tucson and Los Angeles (even tho I've already been there once). The world is big and a magical place and there's so many things to see. Hopefully, I'll cross this one soon enough. 

 Finally, Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast. I've been wandering on the amazing blog of Jessica, and her european roadtrips always amazed me. I've already talked about my plans to go there in a few months, and hopefully it will turn out pretty well, but this place is definitely something to see. It seems like it's a beautiful and untouched by the hands of man kinda place. Somehow, even tho I love our european cities, places that have been stayed "true to themselves" if I might say so, are the most beautiful one for me. 

What about YOUR bucket list guys? I really want to know what's on yours, and what places you've been dreaming to put a foot on, and desire a passport stamp? Yea, let's be honest, that's the point of a passport: collecting, collecting and collecting stamps. x

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