Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to: 7 tips to be more productive

One of my resolutions for 2015 was being more organized about blogging. One thing I’ve learned this past few years if that if you’re committing to do something, you gotta to do it right and actually, to the end. Quitting or giving up is not even a perspective option. Being organized is clearly the most important thing I have to work on, since I’m pretty much the less organized person when it comes to anything personal. Sure, I’m working on this “flaw” especially when it concerns my student life, but efforts are needed and required. I’ve been trying to keep my closet tidy tho, and another thing I’m trying to work on is my personal productivity. Isn’t that word scary? I guess, starting to take things seriously is a step, and being more productive is about taking one more steps at a time. Baby steps it will be, and I’m pretty sure I will realize it will worth it soon enough.

I’ve decided to keep a blogging calendar, which will definitely help me, and I though that in order to process in the right way, I have to follow some guideline principles. Wednesday is going to be a tips day, and I hope you’ll enjoy this kind of article.

Today’s article concerns some principles I’ve stumbled upon regarding productivity – so fellow bloggers and readers, I hope this post will help you.

  1. Stop planning and start taking actions. I love reading fellow bloggers posts and that’s how this whole idea of starting my own project germs in my mind, but I’ve realized what I was quite a major planner and when it’s about taking actions, it’s an understatement when I say I push things back. Well, yea I’m always busy since I’m writing my little thesis, but that doesn’t stop me from taking some blogging time. “Just Do It” is actually an interesting quote. It works and you know it will since, the more you’re pushing back things, and the more you’re fearing. If you don’t take time to build the thing you want, it will never happen and you will stand still. Principal task of a blogger is producing content, so it should be the main priority. Be a producer of content, not a consumer of content (that’s actually something I’ve stumbled upon, and I’m totally getting it). Producing content is the way to attract your audience, so first thing first is to plan your future content. 
  2.  Don’t get distracted. Well, that’s something I really have to work on. I might be the one girl who’s the most distracted when I should concentrate on something that requires my whole focus and attention. I’m a lover of new things, and I’m pretty curious, so my brain is easily switching to one thing to another. I have the tendency to check out more that my mails, even tho that’s the main thing I had to do when I got my hands on my phone. Common place for all of us. For now, I have to shut out all the distractions and start focusing on the main task I put myself onto. 
  3. Focus on the more important tasks. As said before, the most important thing for a blogger is to create content; so that should be the most prioritize one right? Furthermore, creating content has to be useful – which means, it has to have a certain impact. Blogging is all about interesting your audience, because you definitely want to build a strong and dedicated audience. To achieve such goal, I’ve read so many guidelines that I’m pretty bored with all the advices, but one that will work is this one: kill all the time wasters. For now on, I will definitely prepare a 3-5 tasks list of things I have to do which is related to building my audience. Don’t stop until those tasks have been completed. 
  4. Find what works for you. Some people prefer to write in the morning, some in the middle of the night. I don’t have a preference, but what I do love is working while listening to music. It helps me to concentrate on my task, and I have the tendency to listen to some specific songs that I know I won’t get bored with. Spotify had really change my way of listening to music; so now I have some playlist dedicated to writings posts etcs. Some people rather write in silence, so it’s up to you. The silence can be golden, you might focus more on your task that way. Pick what works for you. Well, whatever works right?
  5. Keep up with a healthy lifestyle. That will change everything – eat healthy, sleep more, workout whenever you feel to. Leading a healthy lifestyle will definitely fill you with more energy, and even tho I’m a big partisan of coffee, it’s not the only thing which works. It will improve your productivity and you will win some time. Plus, make sure to take some breaks, and rest your mind.
  6. Passion is the motor. It’s so true. If your blog topic is something you’re really passionate about, you will definitely want to push yourself forward and get out of your comfort zone. Indeed, you will not be able to fall asleep if you didn’t get to create the content you wanted to. I have experienced this, and it’s so true – sometime, I have to create this specific content to be able to sleep. Now, you might think I’m cray. Plus, inspiration when it comes to produce content is clearly important. I love creating boards on Pinterest, reading and flipping through some editorials. That’s where I found my inspiration, even tho my style is pretty minimal and monochromatic. The world is full of inspiration, get inspired.
  7. Stop fearing. It’s actually one I’m always working on, but who doesn’t? There are so many things you can fear – what your readers, closed one or fellow bloggers would think about your articles or your vision. Or about being ridiculed, not being perfect, not having enough guts, readers, talent or reputation. Start silencing theses fears by putting them away. Thing is being a blogger, and a fashion blogger is about being inventive, trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone. We shall all embrace our not perfect personality, because let’s just face it – no one is perfect, even tho you’re think to by watching their Instagram feeds. Inspiration is the key, and you can get inspired by reading some fellow bloggers articles. Don’t get paralyzed by their writing skills, we all can definitely do it. If you put your mind onto something, nothing should stop you to get there. If you want to get better, best way is to practice and improve your work through the feedbacks. 
I’ve just realized I’ve rambled a lot, but I hope it has inspired you to be more productive about whatever you put your mind onto. So kiddos, I hope you like this kinda post x

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