Wednesday, December 24, 2014

White Coat On

Outfits: Zara Studio Coat, Asos Ridley Jeans, Jonak Boots, Zara Scarf

One of my favorite period of the year to play around with Fashion and layers is fall / winter. It’s definitely the moment of the year where you can pull out your best trick and show how you can handle the freezing cold and stay stylish. There are so many options when it comes to coats. Indeed, it’s less about the outfit you’re wearing underneath (at least, if you want to freeze like an ice cube, you’re my guest), but about the outerwear. Coats are always the highlight of the season, except for high-knee boots.
Since I know I have a tendency to freeze as I step a foot outside, I tend to gravitate around wool coats with a high neck if possible. 
However, you might not want to look like you’re all bundled in layers, so the cut of your coat is extremely important. It’s definitely a plus to slim down your silhouette and lengthen it – especially if you’re not 6 foots tall. This ZaraStudio coat is perfect.

The golden details such as the zipper and the buttons gave to this coat another dimension, and it makes it chic and, at the same time, wearable at any period of the year. Sure, it’s a coat for winter whites, but even tho, it doesn’t snow in Paris yet, I feel the urge to wear it every time I step out of the house. Something tells me I’m going to wear it more than my navy one.
The idea of a white coat might sound ridiculous, but I’ve had a red one and a charcoal one before, and it’s definitely my favorite color.

It’s actually the perfect outerwear to throw on; ever way you’re going for a stroll or to a cocktail, since the cut of this coat makes every outfit classier and chicer.
It’s the perfect versatile piece that can allow you to transition from day to night, or to work outfit to a fun one. It’s definitely a cool statement piece and I think I might wear it more often than I expected. It just felt right to throw it on.

That might be my last outfit post for 2014, so I want to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you're having some lovely days with your loved ones. 

Get the look: 

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