Thursday, December 11, 2014

Twinkle, Twinkle

Hectic. It's the word that can best describes the beginning of this week. It's always crazy how the month of December is the toughest one when you're still in school / college. 

About December, what I love are the lights, the ornaments, the christmas trees all around the city, and obviously the sweet things that I know I will cook next week. But, Christmas spirit has never found it's way in my home, because we don't celebrate Christmas. We celebrate another thing (Hanukah) and it's one of my favorite moment of the year. It's always such a pleasure to skip on presents wrapping, searching the perfect present and dodging December shopping, whereas there's a pretty big crowd in town, in favor of my snuggly cover and a big latte cup in front of a Netflix marathon.

Actually, for the past years, December meant studying for me. 
In any case, festive christmas-y abstinence is just fine with me. I do comprehend the exchange of gifts, but family time is a part of my day-to-day life, so I am a little bit skeptical about these traditions. 

For the most, what I love about this moment of the year - even tho I hate Winter, it's like the worst part of the year for yours truly - I love the lights glowing like little twinkles all around the city. I feel like everything is much more beautiful, and shiny - and in the absence of the sun, which I despair - I feel like a little girl who could literally stare at the sky above for hours. Okay, I would freeze in seconds - last Winter was the softest one I ever knew, and I kind of miss it. 

At what you stare above is the current ornaments decoration next to the Jardin du Luxembourg. They did manage to do a great job, and I think, at the moment I won't be freezing like an ice cub, I will post an outfit.
I'm sorry, but it's 27F out there, and I do love Paris, I can't stand the cold.

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