Tuesday, December 9, 2014

For your Man / Dad (Wishlist)

It's already hard to find a gift for your dad or your bf on his birthday. Add to this Christmas. Sure, you can buy him socks, or a bottle of a really good wine - if you follow Scandal, you know what I mean - but, the point is to give this a second though, and try a little harder..
  • First, you have to think about the present he wouldn't buy for himself, even if he wanted to. 
  • It has to be useful, because even if it's fun, it's the point of a gift.
  • Think about what he likes. Might be photography, things related to the grooming field, or even clothes - we said it once: no socks!

Source of inspiration being Mr PorterUrban Outfitters and Asos. 

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