Saturday, December 13, 2014

Instagram #3

There are so many shots I share through Instagram, and don't post here actually. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that Instagram is, as well for so many people out there, an app I have a tendency to use everyday. It's crazy how digital life has became such a big part of my life, now. I just got my hand on my new phone, and the photo app is much more great than the old one.
I think I have this tendency to stop and stare at things that just standing around me - the universe wants to be notice, as John Green said in his last novel, which I just finished. Not to say that because it's Christmas, but the temperatures are still so low, that I can't barely take a foot outside without a proper woolen coat - which I can't find.

Sunday are for proper time spent in bed with a proper cup of coffee. Gold ornaments seem to be everywhere in Paris, especially at le Printemps Haussman. Loving some basics make up products, and they are all black. They are the best. Suddenly I'm missing the warm weather, the weather where I could easily wear shorts. Made a quick stop at Télescope Café the other day, on a rainy day - and essentially, it was about this Punk hand cream and a latte. Jumping all around when shooting is kind of my thing. Rue Soufflot is and will always be my hood. I got a gift in the mail: Frank Body Scrub. That's some amazing stuff that you really, really have to check by yourself! Throwback to a great shoot, because rainy days are all about throwback right?

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