Sunday, December 21, 2014


It seems inappropriate to lay back, enjoy the silent, watching the rain pouring down through the window frame under a fluffy cover, and do nothing... but rest. I had a pretty hectic semester, and 2014 is ending on a positive note - except for the lack of sun, we desperately despair. 
Sunday, for me, is all about resting when the holidays are here. Past years, I've been rushing and chasing time (every minutes count) to catch up on my habit of non anticipating work, which been thrown out at me. 
Which is why I intend to enjoy those holidays - even tho I have to work to pass my finals - and spend a lot more time with my friends. Sundays are definitely a slow day, and here are some weekend reading: 
  • If you wanna see how Southern hemisphere people enjoy their Summer, and learn how to master the art of wearing swimsuit like Tasha Oakley, you should definitely check out Margaret Zhang's post about her: the ultimate Aussie bikini babe. Pretty sure, you want to jump on a flight by now.
  • Taking notes about how to master the double denim outfit by the girl I dream to meet, Jessica Stein. This girl is one blogger in a million - she can mix sense of style and travelling, and she master it all while doing it with one suitcase. 
  • If you wanna learn more about yours truly, I did a pretty personal post last week - 10 Fun Facts about me. Sometimes, it's good to share. What about you?
  • Maybe Victoria Secret's Fashion Show is not your thing. Watching perfect female models walking the runway mastering lingerie might not be the kind of thing you'd love to watch - well they're perfect - but there's another way to watch Karlie Kloss dancing (besides this moment she starts to dance on Shake It Off) - and it's on Vogue.Com - in the Best Little White Dresses. Best is #7. 
Have a nice week peeps! x

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