Friday, December 19, 2014


As Sania told Zanita about her fashion sense, I’ve been also not that turn to it when I was younger. I have a tendency and a need to comprehend what’s behind a concept. I’ve never been a lover of the so-called feminine glossy magazines. Of course, I love reading Elle, but I tend to enjoy more RUSSH or Vogue AU. Their version of Fashion sense of style are so much more glossier than the parisian one – even tho Vogue Paris will always be a precursor. 

Besides, I really enjoy discovering new concepts, new glossy magazines and find what they're offering. I've stumbled upon this new e-glossy thing Sarah (from Harper and Harley) and Zanita talked about called Gritty Pretty. Their concept is kind of absolutely special and pretty indeed. I love how they embrace the Australian vibe that's so important to me. Aussie people are so cool and easy living - I guess, I'm starting to be sick of the Parisian vibe. Jk. 

So GRITTY Pretty is a website and an online magazine dedicated to beauty. GRITTYpretty is for the young woman who is confident and assertive in her own style but wants to learn more about beauty trends, techniques, products and innovations.
GRITTYpretty is the brainchild of Australian multi-award winning beauty editor, Eleanor Pendleton. Eleanor has held previous Beauty Editor positions at magazine including InStyle and FAMOUS

For the Summer edition, it's Cheyenne Tozzi which is the cover girl - and tho I didn't know about her - and she's such a beauty. I read her Q&A interview and found out about some products that sound so amazing. 
She's using coconut oil for her hair, to give it that perfect beachy wave we've all wanted to reach at some point. The thing I wanted to talk about the most was the shoot, the light and the beauty of the face of Cheyenne. Should we just agree she has that perfect aura that makes a face, the FACE? Yea, sure she's a beauty, but she sounds like she's so much more. She's going to be a judge on Australia NTM new season, and she has a first album on the road of release. Elizabeth Arden Heigh Hour Cream, SK-II Mask, Frank Body coffee scrub are her go-to products. 

It's much more effective if you watch, as I did, the behind the scenes video of the shoot. You'll know what I'm talking about. There's just a few model left with that king of personality transpiring through images and photos shot on a Sidney beach. 
So.. You should definitely check out her interview if you wanna learn more about the GQ Woman of the Year.

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