Thursday, December 18, 2014

One last Wishlist : For Her

So Christmas is in less than a week, and if you didn't have also the time or, maybe you don't want to rush through the December crowded shop phenomenon, you might want to check this pretty wish list I thought I'd make to make your life easier.
In a way, I'm pretty grateful, christmas didn't find his way in my home, because I couldn't find it comforting getting gifts if I have to chase the time all day long to find the perfect gifts for your loved one. The way I see it is that, beyond the family fabulous characteristic of this time of the year as Holidays are, the dilemma between giving and receiving is not quite balanced. Anyway, so you know, I love family time.

Depending on what you have in mind, every woman, as you may know now (and I'm talking to my male readers), are, from one to another, different. Depending on the gift, one might light and the other might dislike it. That's the beauty of giving and being surprised. I might not be the only one which adore surprises. Besides, Paris is being very cheerful - every corner is decorated with some pretty crazy and amazing lights that just give you the urge movement to enter a pretty boutique and shop for some pretty beautiful and original things. I'm talking about fashion pieces - this Gucci Bamboo Backpack bag might be the most winter coveted thing in my imaginary wish list I'm completing every other day.

Some of the gifts I've listed are one of the most coveted and prettiest thing you'll ever think about to get for the women of your family - they are both beautiful, interesting for some, or sometimes they're just some special things you might want to get for a woman, some she'll never think about to get for herself. This amazing Polaroid printer for your phone is such a good idea - not to mentioned everything related to Fashion such as this Chanel set of books or this ama-zing backpack from Opening Ceremony which I saw in Manhattan.
Maybe, you want to get her a piece of jewelry, which might be pretty easy, because everything refined, craftsman made, substantially showing that it's unique will perfectly work - trust the blogger on this.

Anyway, not to bother you, and if you make it to the end of this post, I just want to thank you!

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