Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I’m having one of those days where everything seems okay – got interesting courses this morning, wasn’t late, got a Ksumi Tea, and for once in ten days, the sun is shining. Still I feel a little bit down, and since I’m sharing a few things, I though I’d keep going and share some ten facts about me.

1. Coffee – I used to hate the taste when I was a kiddo. 
Now, I practically can’t live without it, and, for me, not having my latte in the morning is exactly like missing the first cigarette in the morning for a smoking person. Well, I know it’s not great to be hooked on something like that – and I adore detox tea, but still coffee has a hold on my heart – day? – I won’t deny.

2. Sneakers – A pair like this would never get into my closet before last September. I bough my first pair of sneakers – and that’s a big decision for a girl like me – but, I found out sneakers are the most comfortable shoes in the world. Especially when you’re walking 12 KM a day during Fashion week, running all around to get the most out of your day. 

3. Pictures – One thing that might appear completely nuts, or random (make your choice) is that I hated – still I’m not quite comfortable with it – to be shot. Actually, it’s not the all concept that I couldn’t stand, but most myself being captured. 
Part of growing up is facing your random fears and insecurities, and that was one  of my biggest insecuritiesI guess. Now, I changed my position, but still 
I’m really picky about choosing the right shots that would show exactly what 
I want to share with you about an outfit or a piece of my closet.  

4. The month of April – It’s always been my lucky number. I’m born on April 4th, part of my family is born in April, some important things happened in April also. Plus, it’s the beginning of Spring, and that’s my favorite moment of the year. 
The number 4 has also some signification for me… and I’ll turn 24 next year, so that might bring some other amazing things. 
Who knows? Keep in touch.

5. Hat / Panama – I have a percent of love feeling for hats that are beyond the reasonable. Each time I stumbled upon one of those adorable and stylish pieces I have to purchase it. Since it’s winter, fur hat are a must.

6. Photography – It’s sure is one of my passion. Getting my hand on my first canon was quite a moment, and I know I have to develop my skills in that area, which I consider as an art.

7. Greens – Healthy might not mean anything to you, but it became such an important word in my life. It turned out that I needed a wakeup call to give up on all of my bad habits, and to finally eat my veggies – which I hated when I was a kid (but who doesn’t?) Still, it turned out that now, I’m the freaky veggie addict in the room, while everybody around me is keeping on tracks their lifestyle habits. Lifestyle is exactly the domain where I changed some things.

8. Dancing – Not a ounce of shame to admit it that I love – due to this Taylor Swift syndrome – to dance by myself, when some music I love is on. I love all kind of music, and I used to 
play guitar – which I didn’t quite quit on.

9. Taylor Swift – I like to think that my taste in music is quite cool and acceptable, but I love Taylor Swift and everything related to her music. I know some people dislike her, and might call it a childish kind of music, but she’s a self-made woman. That’s everything I want to achieve..

10. Travelling – No need to mention that’s one of the thing I love most in life. Every time I have the opportunity to jump on a plane I’ll take it; because sometimes evasion is what you need. Not to mention that sunsets are quite a passion of mine. 

Thanks for baring with me to the end of this list! x


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