Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Interior: Decoration and Details

Home decor is actually much more important than the space you might to want to live in. And some people know a thing or two about decorating, about space proportion and how to get the most out of your space. Mirror and light, especially light coming from windows frame help. Decorating in accord with your conception of the space is also a big part of the job. I am extremely impatient to have my own space and start decorating as I want it to be. 

Candles, marble, jewelry are such important things I want to include. The Apartment by the Line in NYC is a concept I really appreciate since, it's not only a showroom, but it's an all entire apartment where you can purchase all the incredible treats your eyes might fall on. Sure, a lot of bloggers mentioned it, and I won't - obvs, it's not original - make a post about it, but this place is a one amongst all... Next time, I will definitely make a stop by Diptyque or Le Labo to get my hand on some candles. Plus, don't throw you old Vogue or Bazaar, it's genius to recycle them in another way to decorate. 

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