Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekend Reading

Besides juggling with college and decisions regarding my future as a law student, dealing with some major emails news and going for the first time to Oh My Cake, one of the cutest place to brunch on an off duty day, I also managed to do some shopping including buying my first black pencil skirt and getting my hand on the Wang sweater from the Alexander Wang X HM collection. I found some time to catch my reading on blogs, internet news and more...
  • This article of an interview of Margaret Zhang by Kate Waterhouse is lovely, and I can’t stop reading it over and over again. Besides the fact that she’s also a law student, she’s managing to both dealing with a major popular blog and a new TV show – which I’m dying to see. 
  • This sneak peek inside Philip Lim's gorgeous studio in NYC gave me some chills. I love how Garance enhanced the beauty of the place, even though it's clear Philip has some amazing taste when it comes to design. There's something lovely about this spot. Minimalism is key. 
  • I have a major love for this article by Zanita: How to make your blog super popular. I had a blast reading this little post, and I was super happy about what she's saying about popularity, blogs and the reality of the world we (bloggers) are trying to be a part of.
  • As it's hard to keep up with the blog during busier weeks like last week, you can still see what I've been up to on Instagram. You can follow me on LookBook too - which I just found out about.
  • I'm pretty sure winter is coming faster than expected. I really need to update my wardrobe which is in need of a long oversized coat. I've been obsessed with this one from Asos, and I can't stop thinking about this one from HM that I discovered on TheHautePursuit last week. Which one should I splurge on?

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