Friday, November 14, 2014

Introducing: The Fifth Label

It seems like everybody has a weakness. It might be for clothes, beauty products, red lipsticks or designers clothes / shoes. I have a weakness too and it is for the last one. I love good cuts, and when a designer pieces look like it's unique, so well done and created that it gives you chills just to think about wearing it. 
That's what I found when I visited a special store on Mercer St in NYC. Pop Up Mob Store is a pop up store which carry some specific designers for a limited period of time. 

Last September, when I was wandering through Soho and Prince St, I found myself in Mercer Street - just after a quick stop at Juice Generation obvs - and entered this absolutely amazing shop. 
Not to go on and on, but I immediately clicked with the girl there and she helped me to choose this perfect LBD. 
Anyway, on today's article I'd talk about three labels I adore (and that you might have heard of if you're an Aussie fashion lover as I am): The Fifth, Cameo The Label and Finder Keepers

This post might be the first of a long list I will bring you about some sartorial subjects that had picked my interest, and that I really want to share with my readers.
Australian Fashion is surely another lever of fashion, and I really admire the whole process of Australian fashion brands. Their sense of Fashion is very specific, and it's not like ours.

In a market where everything seems revolved around the constant need to become someone else, someone with the idea that fashion necessarily passes through the mix of completely different pieces, these three designers try to offer something different, but simple. Their collections, even if their own approach is not the same, revolves around basic pieces, well-cut, effortless chic and affordable. 
Those collections translate this idea of originality, of a chicness and a willingness to do that which are a unique person.

It has surely tapped into the consumer desires and encompass basics and more trend pieces with perfect proportion. Think subtly directional but affordably pieces like buttoned down shirts, skater dresses and embroidered skirt or shorts with some golden details.

As for the Fifth, it's a clothing brand morphing high fashion with bold street wear tailored for the modern era. At its core, The Fifth Label emanates versatility. Through its use of original prints and an accessible colour palette, The Fifth support a laid back sensibility to clothing with a focus on quality and wearability. It's launch in June 2014  and wants to bring a new twist to casual dressing by offering things like placement prints on tees, relaxed-fit dresses or easy-wearing denim. 
Amy Hicks, director of the brand said that "The Fifth girl is confident and a bit of a tomboy, but still girly at heart. I find a lot of my own personal style has definitely seeped into the designs. I like to dress comfortably, but still look polished.” 

As it said, I'm excited to talk about a brand I absolutely worship, because what they want to bring to the fashion world is exactly what I believe in, as I am myself a little bit of tomboy.
I'm not saying that other brands don't make good stuff, but if you have sticked with me, you will realize that splurge on a great basic is not that easy. I used to splurge on a lot of pieces without noticing that they won't last. 
So as for more printed and embroidered pieces, I'd talk about Camilla and Marc, Cameo The Label and Finder Keepers in another article, because I think you won't stick with me any longer. 

You can find out more about The Fifth and shop the collection here.

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