Friday, October 31, 2014

Wear It

Outfit of the day: Vintage shirt, Zara Skirt, New Balance Sneakers

Nothing beats a white buttoned down shirt paired with a zipped leather skirt. Especially when it's one from the men's wardrobe. I don't know, but oversized are always something I look for when buying something.
And I found out that hight knee socks paired with that outfit made it greater, but next time!
I can't believe October 31st is finally here - which means Halloween. So, we don't have the habit to throw a party and dressed up as they do other side of the sea, but this holiday is clearly one I love. I love Starbucks PSL, yet there's no one who doesn't love it!
Furthermore, October means that in a month, it's the end of the year. New beginnings also. Each year is a circle, but hopefully it's a good one.

Okay, I almost forgot: sneakers are the essential part of my outfit. Sneakers are not my thing, I don't use to wear a lot of sneakers, but now I'm developing a love/hate relationship.
I always wondered how to choose the perfect sneakers, the one that will slim your ankle, that will feels good and not too much. I bought this 501 New Balance in Navy, and I'm so glad I did. They kind of dressed down everything I'd wore that would be dressed up too much.
I started my collection with classics, and played it safe.
I just keep in mind that fashion is something you have fun with. It’s the point of fashion, and yea, I might say it a lot, but that’s what I believe in. Optismistic, I’m trying to be!

     Navy is such a classic color. And it goes with everything! Yea for NB!

     This Aldo necklace is something I love, it adds a twist to a simple oversized shirt.

Zara Leather mini Skirt (similar here + here)
Vintage white oversized shirt (similar here + here + here)
Aldo Necklace 

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