Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sweater Weather

HM Jumper, Asos dress, Zara Coat and Boots

Summer is the season everybody loves, it means swimsuit, sun, sand and long nights outdoors with the sun setting down around 9pm. I love those moments because, the one thing you have to worry about is getting your hands on the right swimsuit that will shape you at your advantage. And of course, those dancing nights on the beach with some friends.. But it's long gone, and I know some of you might want it back and just enjoy sun all the year around. But, season change is something I love. Fall equals layering. And guys, this is exactly what I've tried to reach for the outfit I wore yesterday.

This outfit is a mix of summer and fall actually. I mixed my favorite white lace dress with my great pastel old pink jumper. I won't trade this outfit, but tights were forgotten, and I blame myself in the morning, before coffee.
Layering is an art, and I love playing with layers and give a simple outfit a twist you didn't see coming.

Some ideas

White Lace Dress

Pink Jumper

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