Sunday, November 2, 2014

What I Wore - October

Yea for November. I love this season so much for the moment. Like today, I just took a stroll with my accomplice and the weather was just so warm that I picked up a skort for my look of the day.
Here's what I wore in October, which has been quite the month where I posted a lot more than ever. It was a month of coats, strolls, pink sky moments and laughter ones I won't forget! Looking at the looks above I can see it's has been a pretty busy month and clearly about basics all days around. There's a thing about just wearing basics that's getting stuck in my mind. I developed a whole new mantra toward my style, and it's changing a little more each month passing by. There's another one ahead and I'm pretty excited about this one, and I bet it will be the month of beanies. But who knows what November is will bring? Snuggling and watching Scandal sounds like a plan. Autumn has its perks, definitely..
Happy weekend folks!

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