Monday, October 27, 2014

Self Confidence

Due to some introspection and research on my computer, I saw that I did have this specific outtake of one of my favourite shoot we made. I don't know why, but thou I loved the outfit I wore there, I love it more with the hat. From time to time, I have an obsession about a particular accessorize like a clutch, a pair of shoes, of earrings or in that case, a hat. I found it at HM and it was love at first sight. There's so much to tell about it! I took it with me to New York, and that was a great decision - sometimes, a simple accessorize can turn a whole outfit in another one. It can make you more confident, strong and more powerful.

Actually, having a piece on what you can rely on from time to time, just to give your outfit a whole different perception is something I didn’t understand before I started this adventure. I won’t compare a Panama with a little black dress, but well, it’s a must in a wardrobe also. I guess, a great pair of shoes or a hat like this one can be compared to a red lipstick (I dare, didn’t I). I love wearing red, and for a while I was more in the favour of a daring burgundy lipstick, but grabbing a hat at the last moment before stepping out your door is as good as wearing a red lipstick. Self-confidence is a domain where work and efforts are always things you have to innovate and do more. Daring is a certainly the all point of Fashion, and that’s the reason why I love this area of work and innovation. Whatever you do there will be always someone to disagree with you, so daring a little more should not be an issue, but a choice to be proud of.

Plus, I didn’t post that video of my 23 self dancing in the wind on Place Vendôme. That was a big moment.

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