Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rose Garden

Zara Top and Jeans, Bensimon Shoes (similar here), Primark Hat, Eternal Bag

This post is almost about new things. As a matter of fact, I never went to Primark, and on Friday I went for the first time. I know it’s not the best thing ever, but you can find so much basics that it doesn’t really matter at all. So I bought a lot of stuff including a special little piece I’ll talk in the next post.
For today’s post, I could talk a lot (but I will bore you) about my brand new top. Isn’t that cute and so chic? I love the cut, which is perfect for Summer, and I think what I love the most about this piece is that it’s made in a lightweight jersey and most of it all; the ribbed finish. It goes with everything, but I think it’s complementing perfectly those simple skinny jeans.
Well, it can be worn on a daytime or on a night out, and that’s what I find perfect about this top.
As I am more a casual type of girl, I love dressing down a perfect evening outfit by wearing some flat shoes. These Bensimon were just perfect, because they’re the same color as my outfits, and I didn’t feel like wearing heels just to do some errands while going to some meetings.
I don’t know about you but I found it’s harder for me to dress in Summer than in Autumn. What I love about dressing up and playing with outfits is; above it all, layering. I love adding pieces to pieces just to give it a complete unexpected turn that most people don’t expect. And that doesn’t mean you have to wear more than 3 colors at the same time. I mean, I’m a casual style girl, and what I love most is wearing (and buying) simple basics pieces. So, in Summer, the harder for me, is to not wear just some jeans shorts and a simple white shirt. Of course a really cute, perfectly cut dress can do the job, but I don’t turn automatically to dresses.
Does it make sense? Idk, but this is what’s on my mind this morning.
Second of all, this brand new hat I bough at Primark sounded like the cherry on the top of this outfit. I guess I could’ve pick a black one, but it’s Summer, and I love wearing light colors. Plus, I didn’t own one like this.
Tell me what you think about this outfit!
Hope you had a great weekend :)

Get the look:

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