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My Skincare Must Have

This is going to be a long article, and I’m not quite used to it. If you love beauty as much as I do, bare with me! Freaky as I am, I can’t keep my mouth close when it’s about skincare. I love beauty products and makeup ones, but skincare is something I can talk all night long. Freak, I told you.
Indeed, I have a pretty good opinion about skincare and its buddy makeup: the more you take care of your skin, the less you need makeup. And that’s, I think, one of the most important lesson I learned during the past two years.


I used to wear a lot of makeup, and even though I kinda switch between high brand foundation and drugstore ones, I’ll always have some breakouts, and let me tell you, it was driving crazy. So, I know my skin isn’t perfect like Kristina (let’s all agree on this, she has the most amazing skin ever!), but as my complexion is more combination than normal, I came to realize, I’ll have to work on that.
I got to think about this especially during one week where I didn’t wear makeup at all, due to laziness and to vacation moment, and I came to the conclusion that any trouble that I had with my skin was because I didn’t take good care of it.
So, as French girl, I love to go to the pharmacy (because it’s really a wonderful place!), and I talked to this lady who explained to me what was wrong with my skin, and how I should process to take care of it.
Then, I realized that every crisis my skin was going trough was because of several little things. Indeed, lacks of sleep, stress, and a bad diet have a really important impact on your skin. And, well even though I’m not a specialist, it’s only my personal opinion. I came to the conclusion that every time I eat processed food, a lot of sugar, and don’t care about what I’m drinking or eating, my skin completely freaks out.

My skin was yelling “Help Me” at some point, and I couldn’t ignore it. At the moment, I was completely freaking out, and I was all about moisture. I tried everything, to Avène, La Roche-Posay, Nivea and it goes on and on.
It was when I started eating healthy and thinking about what I put in my mouth and on my skin that it had changed. So, I changed my diet, and while searching to learn more about healthy lifestyle, I came across Sammi’s (thebeautycrush) tips, about what she was eating and doing to stay fit.

Of course, as a blogger, I read a lot about skincare products that worth the splurge and fashion. One day, I came across an article on ITG about the goods of coconut oil. And oh my god, I hit the jackpot! This thing can do so much more things and goods to your skin that you can never imagine.
Coconut oil- first, you can use it as a cleanser, and you can moisture your body with it, or your hair (depends on your type of hair, but I have pretty thick hair, so it does the trick), and it goes and on.
So, my advice is to give it a try.
I change my routine mostly due to the change of season when it comes to moisturizers, and I think that’s the most important part, beyond cleansing and toning your skin. These last months, I’ve been using the products list below (which you can see in the image), and I’m really excited to share my discoveries with you – while wondering if you’re going to like this type of posts!
For the most part, I find that it’s always better to do some research online before going to the mall (there’s always somebody from sales that pressures you to get the body moisturizer or the perfume, or another thing… don’t tell me, you don’t know the situation). Hope this article is going to help you guys to take care of your skin, or give you some ideas.

My 12 favourite products

I’ll talk about the products in order that I use them in my routine, so it’ll be easier for you guys to follow me!
First thing first- cleansers. I learnt that the worst thing you can use are cleansers that foam, it’s the less natural and most aggressive thing in a cleanser that you use on your skin. As I said, you can use coconut oil, or cleansing oil like the Mac one or the Mixa one, which is the one I’m currently using. I didn’t think I could find a drugstore cleansing oil as good as the Mac one, but this one is really so much better. It does its job smoothly without getting your face reddish or whatever.
After I rinsed it, I feel like my skin is super clean, and I’m really enjoying this moment.

A lighter version does exist, but for my skin, I do prefer a red clay cleanser. I used to use the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial one, but I switch it up with this one, and I’m more than happy. I saw a real difference by switching up, and believe me, I tried a lot of cleanser including the Oil-Free cleanser, and it is really a harsh one, but it’s perfect for oily skin.
I didn’t know about this brand, but I think it’s one of the better brand out there when it comes to skincare. My advice is to give it a try, and since I did, my skin is happy. It removes excess oil, unclog pores and purify the skin.

I don’t think I have to introduce this product, because it is the graal when it comes to clean your skin from makeup or any impurities. Use it, and you can even abuse it. It makes your skin feel great and especially smooth and clean.

Aesop is an Aussie brand, and I first heard about it while reading it on Sarah’s blog. She was raving about the perfection it brings to your skin. I decided to give it a try, and even though it’s expensive, I admit it, it’s kind of a magic product. It does a wonderful job in just 10’ minutes. It cleanses and extracts impurities clogging the pores, to smooth and refresh the skin. Twice a week, you just have to apply a thin layer of Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque to the face after cleansing. It does worth the slurge.

Favorite toner, and it’s the only one I use. Toning your skin was not something I used to do until 10 months ago, but it’s something really important. And I guess I sound like a beauty and skincare freak, but I can’t help it. It might sound crazy, but toning your skin rebalance your skin after you cleanse it to unclog your pores. This one contains avocado oil and apricot kernel oil, and it smells really good actually. It gently removes surface debris and remaining residue while hydrating and comforting skin. It prepares your skin for moisturizer actually.

It’s a classic. It’s like the Avène Eau Thermale, but I do love the Bioderma one. If you didn’t try it, try it. You have to. You can’t really go wrong with it, because it’s multi purpose. I use it as a soothing toner after I cleanse my skin morning and evening, and I use it even in summer, when the temperature is high out there. And I found out, you can use it to stay awake. Really, it does everything.

This is a magic product. Not even kidding. And it does not cost an arm. You know, we all have moment in the month when you skin is kind of freaking out and blemishes are starting to appear all over your face, because she just wants to do whatever she wants to. This product is perfect because it prevents your skin to go crazy, and I discover about these effects just after I came back from Sicilia, and my skin went totally nuts. I use it a moisturizer in the morning, and I’m happy with it, because it helps my skin a lot. But, the downside of this product is it dries your skin a little bit, so you do have to moisturize after.

Favorite part of the routine: moisturizers. I tried a lot of things, and I came across the realization that Kielh’s have some products that really worth the splurge. During the year, I used the UltraFacial Cream, and it’s kind of the best. It moisturizes your skin for the whole day, and you’re good to go.
But, I don’t use it anymore because in summer, it kind of heavy for my complexion. But I will for sure repurchase it.
For the moment I’m using the Rare Earth Pore one, and well, dues to its composition (white clay), it minimizes the pore like no one else, and that’s the main reason why I bought it. It absorbs excess oil to create a matte appearance throughout the day, and as it’s a lightweight formula, it’s perfect for summer weather.

This product doesn’t need any introduction, because it’s as famous as the Bioderma Crealine. The moisturizer works to retain water in the skin, leaving you with a smooth surface that's incredibly soft. It might be heavy for some sensitive skin, but it really is great thing. I use it mostly on my lips (a little trick of mines), and it moisturizes like a genie. See more here.

I don’t have anymore the pots of those two products, because I have to repurchase them, but I got some samples. The Avocado Eye Cream is the best thing to hydrate your under eye skin, because it is lightweight but it give something of a glow while waking you up a little more (especially when you can’t sleep while it’s almost 2 am).

The Midnight Recovery Eye Cream is a new product from Kielh’s and I’m kind of addicted with it. It’s a product you put on your under eye skin just before going to bed, and oh my, it sounds crazy, but you wake up feeling a little more better about your skin than the night before. It diminishes the appearance of fine lines and reduces puffiness and dark under-eye circles. You have to try it.

I could go on and on about this product, but I will spare you. I love it. It’s the best. It’s a serum and an oil, and it restore the appearance of skin the morning. Not that I feel like I’m thirty or whatever, but this product helps my skin a lot. I feel like I have new skin in the morning, and maybe it’s a little extreme, but I can’t help it. It regenerates, repairs, and replenishes skin for smoother, healthier skin. Get a sample, and tell me about it.

12.   Argan Oil

Found out about this amazing product from my grandma. Okay, that sounds odd or cheesy, but she told me I had to get some of Argan oil while I was in Morocco, and since then I used this stuff a lot. Mostly on my hair, and well it’s super thick, but it’s the most amazing hair mask you can put on your hair. It had multi benefits and high moisturizing properties. I am big on beauty oil, as I told you about coconut oil. My trick about using it, is to mix some of it with your usual hair mask. Now, that I cross the line and did a keratine treatment to mine, I do think it’s going to work more for my hair than before. It already worked like magic!

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