Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Parisian dream

Pics from Jessica Verlet, Sarah Donaldson

BATHROOM. Well, I've been taking some days off from the online world, even tho I keep posting on Instagram, I've been quite busy, and shootings outfits weren't on my top list. They should've, I know. But when some of your New Yorkers friends come to Paris, you can't turn down the proposition to give them a tour. 
Anyway, back to business.  

I was wondering what I could talk about today, and while I didn't claim my little blog was only about outfits posts, I do love talking about my inspiration. Pinterest is definitely one, and I love HOME/INTERIOR board. Maybe, it's the sound of the bell get-your-own-place ringing! 
Carolina from Fashion-squad is a huge inspiration of mine, and I thought it would be cool to show you what, in my opinion, the perfect place should look like. 
Minimalism. It's the point. I'm a minimalistic girl, and that's what my style and wardrobe are about. 
Keep it simple, and even when it comes to the interior. 
This photos reflect exactly my Parisian dream home. I have a big crush on those Jessica Verlet pics. A bathroom that big should be the first thing every woman should think about. Just saying. Don't start with the candles talking. 

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