Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blackest Black

Mango Shirt, Forever21 Jeans, Zara Heels, Eternal Bag, Zara Necklace

STRAPPY. Funny thing when we shoot this look yesterday, it was crazy hot. I hate when it's that hot in Paris because you feel it in a way you don't in another city. It's typical of big cities. I wore this black look without knowing it was Summer out there (you have to know that a few days ago it was pouring rain!), so I made a really bad appreciation of the outfit I supposedly have to wear. 
But big news: found the perfect black pair of jeans. 
Can't believe I found them at Forever21 (I might have get on the nerves of those poors shop assistants). They were on sale and I do think they are pretty awesome for the price I paid.  
Furthermore, those strappy heels/ booties (Idk how to call them) are my new favorite/ lucky charms shoes. I have nothing but love for them. And again, on sale at Zara! 
Let me tell you, the day we went shopping was awesome: we got free macaroons (and who doesn't love free Rose macaroons?), I found a new Juice Bar where I got the last Green juice, and got killer news the next day (yea, I graduated!!).  
What do you think about an all everything black outfit? I do think it's the most wearable thing ever. While I'm thinking about that, I realized that it's true, Parisian women do wear a lot of black. An american friend of mine bring that though to me on sunday, and I was like denying it. But, as a Parisian, I can say that the look we go for is always simple and chic. Just add a red lips and this is how you turn a day outfit in a night one. 
Well, maybe it's because black is one of those color that fits everyone. Black is the cool color, and there's nothing wrong with wearing a casual outfit while trying to give it a little twist. That's why I grab my yellow beloved bag on this day. 
What do you think of black? Are you more up for colors? 
 I'm currently working, so I'm sorry for the late posts. I hope you're doing well, and happy TBT. 

Get the look here: 

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