Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Top: Marie-Sixtine, Jeans: Lee (here), Shoes: Zara, Panama: Primark, Necklace: H&M, Bag: Zara

A particularity in Paris is that all shops and boutiques are closed on Sunday. So, as we wander with my friend in the tenth arrondissement, we run into some shops like The Kooples and Marie-Sixtine or Bensimon, which were opened. I was surprised but, came in, and discover a pretty amazing showroom. Marie-Sixtine is a brand I never though I will ever have something from their collection in hands, but as it’s the sales here, I was a little bit surprised about the prices. They were kind of affordable and the summer collection was pretty much everything I love about Fashion: simple, quite casual, and basics. So, yeah, as it is the summer collection, their collection is all about bright colors, but intentionally I went for camel, beige and black pieces. The shirt I got from this collection was oversized and felt to nice, just the moment I put it on.
It’s made from linen, and the pretty bronze lamé color caught my eyes just by looking on the hangers.

I pair it with my favorite new Jeans from Lee, but I will talk about the perfect jeans later. I always dress up casual, and obviously, since I'm working, there's nothing more casual than Jeans paired with a top. But, why wouldn't I pair these Jeans with a beautiful lamé blouse? 

We shot these pics at the Place Vendôme, and I can really say I was a little bit overwhelmed with the powerful, brightness, the chic and luxury of the place. It might be because I rarely hang around this particular hood, but it's quite one of my favorite, and I really think, as the sun sets, I could have stayed a little bit longer - just to enjoy the quietness and the quintessence of the majestic venue the Place Vendôme is. 

Furthermore, Marie-Sixtine is this brand, which is made for this otherworldly girl who leaves a lingering scent of patchouli in her wake, is Parisian by adoption. You should definitely check out the summer campaign here

Get the look here: 


  1. Love your photos- they're so great! And those shoes are pretty fab too! Xo, S

    1. Oh thank you, you're adorable! Yeah they are, I love them so much!