Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Obsessions

I’ve never though I would want to have on my toes some flatform shoes like those one. For me (and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one) they were not Fashion. But Phoebe Philo went by and decided it was cool.
No. But the real reason was it’s unbelievably hot in Paris, and it’s not supposed to be over 26°C here. I have the theory that when it’s beyond 26°C out there, it’s not a good day to go out. But, when you don’t have a choice and you’re stuck behind a desk for a whole month (summer job, yea!!), you have to do what you gotta do. That means, for me, find the perfect pair of shoes/ sandals that can allow me to stand all day long and run errands (and obviously, take/run in the subway, because I have a tendency to be always late..).
Anyway, for those who’re reading me, I hope that where you live it’s not as unbreath-able as it is here. I always find dressing up when it’s thirty degrees, is a harder than when it is fall. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but I love summer at the beach and not in the city. It’s like being stuck in a pan and someone just put the lid above it waiting for the water to boil – Okay, that’s not the best comparison I could have come with, but it’s pretty late, and all I want to do is watching the Good Wife.

What about you? What is your current obsession? I’m curious to know.

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  1. I like the silver Park Lane options! They still have bit of glam which I so need in my life, but they're still casual and cute. Great picks! Xo, S