Thursday, July 24, 2014

Green Parade

She Inside Jumpsuit, Zara Boots

Summer Heat means a lot of things. I won’t blabbers about beach essentials, or the heat wave in Paris, which sounds incredibly not fun at all. Summer heat also means prints, tropical prints. I’m a minimalistic stylish fervent supporter, and yours truly can literally live with a simple basic wardrobe, but once in a while, I want to wear something bright.
And, there’s nothing I love more than Jumpsuit. Is there anything more comfortable and stylish? I do not think so. I really think I have more Jumpsuit than dresses, which mean everything. This one is from SheInside, and it was “love at first sight”. I am so weak for those kind of pieces. I just need to find the perfect black jumpsuit (let’s face it, I can’t afford the Zimmerman; tho it’s a dream) and start a Parade.

Furthermore, taking those pics was incredibly challenging: this bridge was right on the joggers track, and well, I didn’t know so much joggers were running around this time of the day – sunset is definitely a moment to jog. I should go for it. Okay, not today, but tomorrow.

Get the look here: 


  1. I'm all about the clean and simple styles too, but this romper is adorable for a heat wave and sometimes you need to change it up a bit anyway! Looking good, lady! XO, S

    1. It's the perfect outfit when it's hot out there! Thank you! xx