Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Mango Jacket, Primark Shirt, HM Jeans, Jonak Boots, Primark Hat, Stradivarius Necklace, Zara Bag

I’ve been inspired a lot by my Neutral /Black board lately, as you can see with this outfit. And even though we’re the July 8th, as I experienced the yesterday downpour, my leather jacket wasn’t in excess. Neither for this nude hat, which I don’t seem like getting off of my hair lately.
What I’m most excited about for this week is having some time to wander around the city without having anything special to do. I’m really excited about leaving Paris soon enough to enjoy some sun in August, but for the moment, I’m hoping, it doesn’t rain the whole week so I can wander like a tourist and discover some hoods I’ve never been able to see before. I’m thinking about Montmartre, La Tour Maubourg… Don’t you love this moment of the year when all you have to do is decide what to do next for the day ahead; just to follow some routine without being stressed by any unforeseen?

Anyway, this outfit isn’t special or anything, it’s one of my favourite tho; and all because of this new white shirt I got at Primark the other day. I was on white shirt mission lately, and I’m so happy I found this one. I’ve got some stuff during the sales that I’m pretty excited to show you, and create some outfits for the weeks ahead!

Get the look:

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