Friday, June 20, 2014

The Longer, The Better

Levi’s Top, Asos Cardigan (similar here), Zara Jeans, Minelli Shoes, Le temps des Cerises Clutch

Each city has its own charm, and Paris is beyond the cliché of Place Vendome and The Champs-Élysées, it's a place where you can find yourself if an alley, and feel like you're in another town, in the countryside. And I love this freaking location.
So, as I was pretty exhausted from my crazy week (finals!!), I went for a basic, simple look. Bf jeans, a grey cardigan and a white tank top. These shoes are pretty much as old as I can remember and they're still doing their job without killing my feet (at least not until two hours walking like a crazy person aka fashion week moments (I guess)).
This cardigan is quite my favourite, it gives your outfit such another dimension, and it's how you realize, just a little inches more are missing.

Don't start me up on that tank top: I adore it. It's a Levi's one and I bought it in Toronto. It's perfect without being too much. Happy Friday folks!

Get the look: 

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