Sunday, June 1, 2014


 Mango Jacket, Gina Shirt, Zara Jeans, Jonak Boots, Eternal clutch


Weekends mean lazyness right, and when it’s finally Friday (moment you’ve waiting for all week long), I kind of just want to lay in bed, and just catching up with my pile of glossy magazines waiting on my desk. Exception, that this Friday, I had to go out, so I pulled out this simple and casual outfit. Jeans are a weekend attire, as well as a grey casual oversized shirt. The only thing giving to this attire a little bit of chic is this amazing white blaze I picked from Mango the other day. The softness of the fabric is unbelievable, and I never quite decided to splurge on a white jacket before this one, because I never get the right shape that suits me. Now that I have (and I hope so!), I kind of never want to stop wearing it. This is much more like me! Happy weekends :)

Get the look here: 

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