Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Suit Up

Pull & Bear Blazer, Gina Vintage Shirt, Zara Skorts and Heels, Mango Boots, HM Necklace

Sometimes, I have the feeling that wearing a suit is much more stylish, than wearing a simple casual outfit, even though I’m all about casual. Now that’s summer, all I want is wear shorts, but not any kind. Yea, I do love my high waisted jeans shorts (and I’m trying to really find good one actually, and it’s so messed up!), but wearing this suit was somehow more chic, than anything else. I just updated the suit version by switching up the classical black shorts with a skort, that felt more comfortable and stylish to wander around Paris, especially when it’s 26 degrees out there – which is currently kind of crazy. I will, for sure, buy another skorts, because they are my go-to-kind-of-shorts for the summer. Oh, and we took those pictures at two different moments – so if you’re wondering why I don't wear the same shoes… I though it’d be cool to show you how to dress it up or down this combination of pieces, depends if you want to wear during a day or for a night out!

Get the look: 

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