Monday, June 23, 2014

Palais Royal

HM Dress, Zara Heels

Here’s the thing: I love dresses, but I don’t wear them a lot. The reason why is because I never find one that I love enough to wear it and parade (like I do in this post), and that can allow me to twirl whenever I want. This one is da thing.
I saw this particular dress in a post of Andy, and I was so thrilled just when I saw the print, and the shape, that I went to every HM next to me to finally get my hand on it. I’m really surprised it’s an HM dress, but sometimes this big fast fashion brand can do a really good (let’s not be picky.. AWESOME) job!
Sure, I wanted to post pictures of this dress the moment I bought it, but I didn’t have the chance to do so, until yesterday, it was a perfect sunny (maybe too much) day, and I thought it’d be cool to parade in this pinky-dressy-suit at Le Palais Royal. So, yeah, maybe the tourists were a little bit intrigued by my twenty-three twirling/dancing self, but I don’t care. That was so much fun, and that’s what matters on a day like that. And, yeah, we saw a bride doing a shoot just next to these majestic columns.


  1. These photos are so dreamy-love this dress! Twirl away girl ;) XO, D

    1. Aren't they? It's the place, it's perfect!;) xx