Friday, June 27, 2014


Introducing a new page on the blog: Moments. Maybe, to some of you it sounds weird, but I had this idea while listening to Ed Sheeran’s new album X, which is dope btw. I don’t think I’ve ever been in love with an artist as I am with this red head.

So, to make it short, this is all about moments happening in the week I want to share with you, my readers. I do know, that not everyone has Instagram (or is as addicted as I am with the digital life I sign for the moment I download this magical App – Apple you got me!) or checked it every day, so I though it’d be cool to share little moments I’m sharing via my account. So you might learn a lot more about the voice behind those posts popping from time to time:

1.      Last Sunday, we went to one of my favorite coffee shop in Paris, Kitsuné Café. If you live in Paris, and you want to taste a good kind of coffee (I’m a little obsessed with Starbucks Soy Latte, but it doesn’t kill me to try another thing!), go check out this little place. It’s so good.

2.      This pic was taken where we shoot one of the last shootings, at the Place du Palais-Royal. Definitely one of my favorite moment ever.

3.      I’m spending a lot of time in Le Quartier Latin at the moment. And I’m loving it when it’s sunny outside and I can just grab my lunch and eat on the Panthéon steps. Make me feel a little more Gossip Girl, or as I like to call it, it was a Blair/Serena girly duo moment.

4.      Doesn’t need more to say, that sometimes Paris is magic, and you just need to stop and look up.

5.      Suits are such a thing I’m craving for – so when I was thinking about my outfit on this day, I though it’d be cool to update the Suit trend a little bit.

6.      When I post this photo, so much people love it, insane. And I couldn’t love more this dress than I already do.

Hope you’re doing great on this Friday, because guys it’s the WE! TGIF.

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