Thursday, June 12, 2014


Zara Shirt (similar here), Skort and shoes, Le Temps des Cerises Clutch, Stradivarius Necklace

There’s not a thing I love more when Summer is here than the sun setting slowly in the horizon and the days lasting longer and longer. It was almost night, but we managed to shoot anyway. And now, I have fond memories of  walkers watching me taking those pics and smile, because some of those are kind of crazy. I bought this shirt randomly while I was (as always) checking out the Zara website, and it’s only when I got it in my hand that I found it was a crop top. Even though, I love it, and this gingham style feels so good and old in the same way. How something so “boring” can be so fun to wear and match with everything? I wore it with this skort, but let me tell you, it’s perfect when you throw it with a white distressed jeans. This clutch is from a French brand called “Le temps des Cerises”, and I do love it, even more because of the studs and the little strap at the back of it, which is made to hold it. It made rock-ish without being overwhelming and it matches with everything, even though you’re not wearing black.
Hope you’re having a great day!

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  1. Love this look - casual and totally put together! Xo S