Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oh Provence!

Hello! Here’s a glimpse of the few days I spent in the South of France, in Nice. I still have to sort out all of the photos I snapped there (well, yeah, I can’t help myself when I have my camera in my hands!). So, as I am a little of an Instagram obsessive person (there it is, I admit that I can’t help, but scrolling through my feeds more than ten times a day – okay, it might be a lot. Damn it!), I post a little of everything there, and especially a lot food pics. Macaroons are everything, you know it.

Enjoy this little diary of 4X4 instagrams pics. There’s no way to stop myself when every little corner around here is worth to snap (I mean the old part of the city is quite the most lovely part of what I’ve discovered).

I’ll post my looks soon as I sort all of those thousand pics out. Stay tuned!


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