Monday, May 12, 2014


Dress : Brandy Melville 

Is it okay to snap a lot of pics when you're standing on the seashore watching to the horizon while the sun is setting down? Because, this is what I do since I got here.
I didn't have time to shoot my look yesterday except for these pics, but what I love when the sun is starting to come out, is wearing a dress. It's not a surprise, but my favorite one is this little black dress I bought from Brandy Melville. It's backless and it's the perfect outfit when you're wandering around a city you don't quite know. However, I found out that it's not simple (let's just it was the trickiest part of the day and I know I will never experience it again!) to ride a bike with that kind of dress. First of all, it's short, and second of all, the wind was the worst part while I was riding. Lesson learned!
Anyway, we went back to the old part of the city and we just wander through the shop. A little touristic but, it was surprising what people were selling! As you may know, I love tea so what a pleasant surprise to find out a shop was selling real lemon Maté tea and green tea from China and Japan! Anyway, hope you like these pics as much as I loved snapping them.

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