Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cut Out

Source: Pinterest, Studded-Heart, Le21ème, Keishikibi

It seems like you never got nothing for nothing. As a matter of fact, in Paris, when the sun is shining and it's 26 degrees, it's gotta rain the next day. Well, it's pouring rain since two days, and what a best way to be in a better mood than losing myself through Pinterest, tumblr and other blogs to find some inspiration?
As much as I adore Australian fashion/ designers, I really enjoy the Aussie FW aka MBFWA and most of all, her (I guess it's a "her" and not "it", even though it's weird!) streetstyle. So here's some of my favorite streetstyle snaps. Among this little moodboard, I found myself being inspired by nothing but grey outfits. Even if it's almost Summer, we all do love some grey uniforms, right?
Do you like these kind of posts, or is it better to post only my outfits?

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